Elys John: Untitled street 26/08/15 – 12/09/15



The exhibition is based on the built enviroment in the  Splott Area of Cardiff.  John has been creating art work based on the Splott Tremorfa ward for the past 10 years and the exhibition will feature some of that work.


For many years he has been practising with digital modelling as a artists medium. To date all the work produced has been printed, a 2D representation.


With access to digital fabrication, utilising the cloning technology of 3d printing and 2D CAD Cutting John is developing a new peice of work


For the show at Arcade Cardiff he will be creating a physical 3D ‘Artist’ representation of the street where he lived for 20 years.


During the show he will be developing further the artwork, with the help of a 3D printer, making further additions to the context.


Computer replication and duplication have always figured strongly in his art work and this show brings that narrative into anew period of physicality